Beachcomber Dealer of the year

Dave Baillie"I am sending this letter in recognition of the excellent sales, service and support I have received from my recent purchase of a Beachcomber 750 from Tropical Pool & Spa. I spent many months researching the many models and makes that are on the market including actively looking in person during the travel I do for work. When my wife and I decided to look locally at Tropical Pool & Spa, we were immediately welcomed. There was no pressure to purchase just honest trustworthy advice. Over time and with the assistance of Deanna I was able to choose the right hot tub for my family. ...Service like yours is rare in business these days and I did not want my appreciation to go unstated. Thank you so much."

Dave Baillie
Prince George, BC

Mike and Terri lee RollingsWe purchased our hot tub in September 2007...it has been a great experience so far with our family...our grandchildren Shelby and Gage can't get enough. I think we enjoy it the most when it is really windy out and we get to see all the trees sway in our back yard...at night we have enjoyed the bitter cold nights, which we have had alot of this winter and it doesn't stop us from going in. The kids love to see their hair turn frosty. It's been great...

Mike and Terri lee Rollings
Prince George, BC

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Hot Tub Buying Tips

Beachcomber Buying Tips

Beachcomber customers often say,
"We only wish we would have purchased our Beachcomber sooner."

The Truth About Beachcomber Hot Tub Buying

Beachcomber Buying TipsThe truth is, a hot tub purchase is a big decision! Asking a few basic questions before you purchase will save you hassel down the road. First, is the hot tub built to last in our Northern Climate? You wouldn't purchase a car without looking under the hood, so do the same when buying a hot tub. Not all hot tubs are built alike, although they all look nice on first glance, there are huge differences in hot tub quality and construction. Beachcomber puts quality where it matters most! Under the cabinet of the hot tub. Beahcomber offers you more for the same price!

Second, how much does that hot tub really cost? The initial purchase price is just as important as the long term costs. There are plenty of manufacturers who offer gimmicks and gadgets to mask poor quality. Replacement items such as pillows, pop up speakers and the list goes on, add up over the years! Probably one of the biggest differences between spa manufacturers is their differences in energy consumption. Did you know a Hybrid by Beachcomber can pay for your hot tub purchase in 10 years? That's right! When you reduce your hydro consumption you saving big money!

What Our Customers Say:

A word from Louis & Delfina Snively of Ft. St. James, BC

Here at Tropical Pool & Spa, we believe a Beachcomber hot tub is one of the best purchases you can make. Hear the story from our customers of 34 years.

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Beachcomber Hot Tubs - Portable vs Hybrid Hot Tubs

What is the difference between a Hybrid and a Portable hot tub or spa?

Hybrid Hot tubs

Beachcomber's Hybrid is different than the rest of the hot tub and spa industry: a practical home appliance with the lowest possible energy cost. A Hybrid Hot Tub is engineered for maximum energy efficiency. The equipment and motors are cab forward allowing 100% of the interior cavity to be insulated. When Beachcomber first introduced the 100% Cavity Filled Insulation concept in 1983, it was instantly recognized as a hot tub ahead of its time. This new Hybrid hot tub outperforms the spa industry by using 33-50% less power. It's no wonder that Beachcomber is the hot tub of choice for those looking for the lowest cost of operation and energy usage.

Portable Hot Tubs

Portable Hot Tubs leave the equipment inside the cavity of the hot tub. Our lower priced LEEP portable models outperform ISP (Industry standard portables) with a reduction of electrical usage costs.

The LEEP Portable is built for the cost sensitive buyer who wants a quality product with proven lower energy than other portable spas on the market.

Beachcomber is serious about contributing to doing their share on reducing the foot print on the world's carbon emissions.

Exposing the Myths

1) Warranty vs Guarantee

One thing that sets Beachcomber apart is our No Fine Print Guarantee vs the Limited Warranties of other brands. Manufacturers with Limited Warranties are full of exclusions and limitations which protect the manufacturer and not the customer.

2) Price and Quality Matters

Price matters. Your purchase price is important, but your costs after is even more important. At Beachcomber, we believe in doing what is right for our customer.

  • Beachcomber offers a "true" fully foamed hot tub, so your monthy hydro costs are half of standard premium brands. Your energy savings almost pays for your hot tub in 10 years time.
  • Beachcomber never puts pillows in the hot tub. They rot, fill with algae and become a costly replacement item.
  • Quality & value where it matters most. Some manufacturers mask poor quality ith gadgets.

3) Hot Tub Construction

Beachcomber stands out in our industry as we put the same quality and guarantee throughout the entire line up from the 320 plug-in model to the executive 750 model.

Making it Easy to Choose the Right Hot Tub

Dry Test: We invite you to sit in all 25 Beachcomber models before you decide. Comfort and long-term quality are important. The closer you look with a Beachcomber hot tub, the better it gets!

Wet Test: If you are unsure, ask for a test soak. We offer a private consultation so you can try before you buy. Appointments are available anytime in our private wet test room. We are open seven days a week to serve you better!